Music collection and recommendations

I've been collecting CDs and records (but mostly CDs) since I was 10. Ever since then, I've been seeking out new ones to add to my collection, and here you can see any new ones I find, and which ones I have catalogued on my Discogs page! I'll also make posts about any new bands or artists I discover that I enjoy.

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Sometimes I'll listen to a 24/7 Japanese City Pop-Funk-Fusion livestream and I'll often find hidden gems that I forget about, but I found the name "Sheena & the Rokkets" written down in one of my notebooks from when I was listening. I had completely forgotten about this band until I saw the name again, and I can't believe I went that long without them! Sheena & the Rokkets are a Japanese rock/new wave band formed in 1978 that may still be active today according to their website and Wikipedia page. Their songs "PINUP BABY BLUES", "Radio Junk", "Omae ga Hoshii (One More Time)", and "MOONLIGHT DANCE" are some of my favorites from them. Give them a listen if you haven't already!