Food reviews and recommendations

Even though I've been dealing with celiac and t1d for a pretty short time, I've found that finding snacks that are gluten-free and low carb can be pretty difficult, so I'll make posts about new things I find, listing if they're celiac-friendly, the carb amount, any allergens, etc. I hope you find something you're interested in trying!


I always buy at least two of these when I see them, and so should you! These little (and by little, I mean 280ml or close to 9.5 oz) juice bottles are delicious and are most likely available at your local Japanese grocery store with the children's drinks and juices. They're made with honey and yuzu juice. Yuzu (aka "yuja" in Korea) is a citrus fruit similar to a lemon mainly cultivated in East Asia. They kind of remind me of lemonade, but with the flavor of honey instead of sugar... Because honey is used as the sweetner. Be sure to grab a bottle when you see one!


water, honey, yuzu juice.

Serving size: 1 bottle. 9g carbs per serving. Celiac safe!


When I was first told by my doctor that it was likely I had celiac disease, I kept looking at all of my favorite foods when I saw them in stores and feeling absolutely heartbroken when I saw any that were not gluten-free (probably like, 70% of them). One of those foods were the instant Japanese curry pouches that were sold at the grocery store nearest to me, which I was very sad to find out I couldn't eat anymore. BUT House Okosama Curry is pretty much the same thing, but gluten-free, albeit harder to get your hands on. Similar to lots of new food I try, I found these at the Japanese grocery store closest to me (not very close) being sold for ~$2 a pouch. I wish I didn't only get two, because I love them! The directions say to submerge the pouch in boiling water for two to four minutes and then you can serve it with whatever you'd like. I love to eat it with rice, of course. Definitely try this one if you're able to find it!


vegetable (onion, potato, carrot, sweet corn, green pepper), apple fiber, pumpkin paste, palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, curry powder, honey, concentrated apple juice, dried potato, salt, tomato paste, yeast extract, sugar, garlic paste, ginger paste, spices, citric acid. Curry powder contains cumin and other spice.

Serving size: 1 bag. 13g carbs per serving. Celiac safe!